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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Here to Help

1. What is VirtuOwl?
VirtuOwl is an online connections platform that provides smarter, safer connections for students of all ages. We offer academic counseling and tutoring services delivered by certified educators, creating an empowering learning environment for all.

2. Who are VirtuOwl's educators?

Our educators are certified counselors and licensed teachers with a passion for education. They are dedicated professionals committed to helping students excel academically and personally. Additionally, they offer specialized counseling in areas such as scholarship assistance, NCAA eligibility, FAFSA assistance, and college and career readiness.

3. What subjects and grade levels do VirtuOwl educators cover?
VirtuOwl's educators cover all subjects taught from kindergarten to 12th grade. Whether you need assistance in math, science, literature, or any other subject, our certified educators are here to support you.

4. How do I schedule a session with an educator?
Scheduling a session with a VirtuOwl educator is easy. Simply download our mobile app or access our online platform, browse through our educators' profiles, and choose the one that best matches your needs. From there, you can schedule a session based on their availability.

5. Can I set my own rates as an educator on VirtuOwl?
Yes! As an educator on VirtuOwl, you have the freedom to set your own rates based on your expertise and qualifications.

6. How do I get paid for my sessions as an educator?
VirtuOwl gives you control over your payment terms. You can determine when you get paid and receive your earnings simply by clicking the "Payout" button on your Finances page. Once this payout is initiated by you it typically takes 3-5 business days to be seen in your account. 

7. Is VirtuOwl's platform safe and secure?
Absolutely! VirtuOwl prioritizes safety and security. Our platform is designed with robust technology to ensure all interactions take place within a protected environment. Your data and privacy are safeguarded throughout your educational journey with us.

8. Can I take session notes as an educator?
Yes, you can! VirtuOwl's platform allows you to take session notes, enabling you to keep track of each student's progress and development.

9. How can I manage my availability and schedule as an educator?
With our user-friendly platform, managing your availability and schedule is simple. Easily update your availability to align with your preferences and commitments.

10. How do I get started as an educator on VirtuOwl?
Getting started as an educator on VirtuOwl is easy. Our simple two step registration & background screening process can be finished in one sitting. After that, our team verifies your screening results and teaching certificate, the you will be free to begin having sessions!

Is there is a question you have that has not be answered? Email us at

At VirtuOwl, we are committed to transparency and providing a seamless experience for our users. We hope these FAQs have answered your questions. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our support team. We look forward to empowering your educational journey with VirtuOwl.

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