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Smarter, Safer Connections

Quality, safe, and accessible learning experiences for everyone.

Schools & Districts

Embark on a transformative journey with VirtuOwl. Discover a world of smarter, safer education, where robust student support solutions, secure video conferencing, and access to valuable resources converge—all in one secure platform. 

Counselors & Educators

Unlock new opportunities as an educator or counselor with VirtuOwl. Apply now to provide personalized education services and join a community dedicated to empowering minds through smarter, safer connections. 

Parents & Students

Discover a world of smarter, safer education. Create your VirtuOwl account now for personalized tutoring, academic counseling, and expert college readiness guidance all in one secure platform. Empower your learning journey today!

A Smarter, Safer Solution

VirtuOwl is a comprehensive software platform meticulously crafted for school & district administrators, teachers, and counselors, with a focus on enhancing students' educational experiences. Our platform ensures a secure and efficient environment for managing their learning journeys, offering features like secure video-conferencing, seamless access to valuable resources, and robust student support solutions. In addition, VirtuOwl fosters connections between educational institutions and professionals, enabling students to receive specialized assistance in specific areas of need. We are dedicated to bridging the gap and ensuring that every student thrives, leaving no one behind in their pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

VirtuOwl learning session

Our mission at VirtuOwl is to ensure that every child, regardless of income or accessibility, has access to certified and background-screened education professionals, as well as robust student support solutions, to provide comprehensive assistance and foster their educational growth.

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