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Educator Support

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Initial Login & Dashboard

  • Navigate to the VirtuOwl website.

    • Credentials: Enter the username (typically your registered email address) and the temporary password provided in the welcome email.

    • Change Password: After initial login, you'll be prompted to change the temporary password. Follow the on-screen instructions to set your new password.

  • Dashboard

    • My Schedule

      • This shows you your schedule for that specific day.

    • Ongoing Appointments

      • This tells you what sessions that are live at the moment.

      • This is also the area that will display an On Demand appointment if a Student schedules you for one.

    • Upcoming Sessions

      • This gives you a snapshot of what's next on your schedule.

    • Recent Sessions: Allows you to view your:

      • Completed: Sessions that have successfully concluded.

      • Missed: Sessions that were missed or not attended.

      • Note Pending: Sessions where the post-session note or summary hasn't been uploaded or submitted yet.

Manage your Schedule

  • Begin by navigating to your main dashboard after login.

  • Manage Schedule

    • Locate: Find the "Manage Schedule" option either on your dashboard or on the left of your screen for an overview and adjustment capabilities.

  • Edit Existing Schedule

    • Click the Edit icon on the right side of the screen.

    • Make the desired changes and click "Modify" to save it.

  • Add Schedule

    • Click "Add Schedule" on the top right of the screen, enter the new schedule, and click "Save."

  • On-Demand vs. Not On-Demand:

    • On-Demand

      • These are sessions that can be requested immediately by students. If you include a Schedule that has On Demand availability, you must be available during that time.

      • You will be prompted on your Dashboard to join the session and receive an email notification when a Student schedules an On Demand appointment with you.

      • If you wish to NOT be available for On Demand sessions, but can be available for Appointment sessions, please make sure the box next to "Available for On-Demand" is UNchecked.

    • Not On-Demand

      • These are Appointment Sessions that are scheduled in advance or at specific timings.

Create a Session

  • Access your main dashboard post-login.

  • Create Session

    • Click on "Sessions" on the left side of your screen.

    • Click on "Create Session" on the top right of your screen.

      • One-to-One Session:

        • Follow the on-screen prompts, selecting the desired date, time, subject, and any other relevant information.

      • Classroom Session:

        • Define the session's details like subject, student list, time, and any other relevant pointers.

    • Once the Session is created, all users will be notified via email.

How to Join a Session & Session Experience

How to Join a Session

  • Access your main dashboard post-login.

  • Sessions

    • Locate & Browse

      • You'll find an overview of all your sessions—both past and upcoming.

    • Session Summary

  • Click on a Session

    • This provides a detailed overview, including student information, subject, time, etc.

  • Join the Session

    • Click "Join": You'll be redirected to the virtual classroom.

Session Experience

  • Chat

    • Communicate with students in real-time.

  • Whiteboard

    • Visualize and elaborate on topics.

  • Screen Share

    • Share your screen for enhanced clarity.

  • Notes

    • Keep track of points discussed or topics covered.

  • End the Session

    • Conclude the session once it's completed.

Post Session Experience

  • Start at your primary dashboard upon logging in.

  • Recent Sessions

    • Completed, missed, note pending

  • Note Pending Sessions

    • If a session displays a "Note Pending" status, it indicates that you haven't completed the session notes. Completing session notes promptly is vital for students to review and understand what was covered.

  • Procedure to Complete Notes:

    • Find the session with the "Note Pending" status.

    • Click on the session to open its details.

    • Locate and click the "Complete Session Notes" option.

    • Input or upload the necessary notes regarding the session.

    • Once done, click on "Save" or "Submit".

  • Visibility

    • After saving, the status will change from "Note Pending" to "Completed," and the session notes will be available for students to view.

  • Session Summary: By clicking on a completed session, you can view an overview that includes session notes, chat logs, and other details.

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